Rose Petal Ice Cream

Using the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, a Christmas gift from the in-laws, I used Cuisinart’s recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream then added some creative taste sensations.

1½ cups full cream milk

1⅛ cups white sugar

3 cups thickened cream

1½ tbs vanilla extract

1 tsp rose petal essence

* rose petals

rose pink food colouring, if desired



Using a hand mixer on low speed combine the milk and sugar in a mixing bowl until the sugar is dissolved. Stir in the cream, vanilla extract and rose petal essence.

Pour into Cuisinart machine and mix until ice cream thickens and is a soft, creamy texture, about 20-25 minutes. Pour into airtight container, add colour as desired and stir to combined. Add rose petals and stir gently to combine. Seal container and freeze ice cream overnight.

* you can use fresh rose petals which have not come into contact with pesticides or chemicals. After a summer storm, we did not have any fresh rose petals available, so I substituted with Pariya rose petals.